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Flex Barrier is the safe, synthetic, and user-friendly alternative to resorbable membranes. Flex Barrier Gel is comprised of two-thirds cross-linked and one third non cross-linked hyaluronic acid.
After manufacture, the hyaluronic acid is particulated (150-200 μm) and then treated with non cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Defined particle sizes ensure excellent profile conformity.
After applying the barrier gel uniformly and a relatively short 6-12 hour period required for the non cross-linked hyaluronic acid to be absorbed, a homogeneous layer of cross-linked particles remains on the defect.
Since the particles vary in size, they compress and form a flexible membrane on the area to be shielded. The barrier function remains active for 3 weeks.
The material is completely resorbed in about 6 to 8 weeks.