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Principle of hollow cylinder (hollow cylinder implant) in dental implantology was offered even in the 70-th years of the past century.

The advantages of this construction type consist in the following moments:

  • It is the less trauma during the setting;
  • It is the less volume of bone loss;
  • It is the best terms for the osteointegretion.

If the implant hollow, however, has the opening on all the length, the construction will have a row of defects. Among them we see the possibility of the implant tearing away while there are minimum deviations from methodology complications. The necrosteon is possible to happen in the implant first of all, (because of tearing away of bone column).

Protocol of offered implants setting does not envisage bone column forming with the help of special trepan. During the implant setting the bone bed is formed on standard methodology, approximately 2/3 of general length. The implant continues then to cut a carving and create a bone bed together with a itself bone column.

More large metrical double carving is used on the Active implants series, with the 0,75 millimeters step of carving on a basic body, and micro carving with the 0,25 millimeters step of carving in the overhead implant part. Such type of carving allows to carry out the self-cutting during the implant setting, excepting by this way one of the operation stages. It is the carving cutting with the help of marker.

These implants with an internal landing cone and hexahedron possess the self-sealing property and the ability, due to their unique construction, to cut and form a bone column inside. This provides the extraordinarily high primary fixing and bone tissue blood supply in the implant.

The Active implant series is recommended if the bone tissue has a subzero quality.